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At the same time as the talk, there was talk as to how to get the
DVDs.  I had recommended CD Japan and searching their website
by DVD catalog number.  All the details will be in the ML archives.
I used CDJapan to order my copies and they arrived within 1 week
of ordering.

I did get my copies of the currently available DVDs and watched the
2-disc summary of 20th century famous matches.  I was very impressed
by the number of matches shown on these discs.  When I first watched
the discs, I didn't take notes, but hope to do so this weekend and
report more completely on the contents of the discs.

Some highlights to tempt you.

Was very amazed at the tachi-ai.  Very often, both rikishi would
stand at the shikiri-sen and synchronize breathing and start.
No bending over to touch the shikiri-sen.

Nice features on "remarkable" rikishi - for example - a nice mini
feature on Mainoumi and his "department store" catalog of techniques,
including some rarer kimarite.

The menu / index is also nice.  You can link directly to any match
on the disk or the matches of any of the rikishi.

As I said before, if I have time this weekend, I will take notes
and report for fully on these DVDs.

But definitely worth the price.  If you are limited to just
1 disc, I would recommend the second one as it starts
with Chiyonofuji and features the more recent rikishi.

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Hi folks,

There was talk a while back on the list about some sumo DVDs available in 
Japan.  If anyone knows how I can get my hands on a copy of one of those. I 
would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks alot,

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