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Re: This Mailing List ( Re: Mihamahiro of Takasago-beya. Did he really exist? Did he do Aikido?

> > Thank you for your many interesting and
> > detailed histories, corrections, and insights.
> If I may second your post here.  Kazuhisa san is also
> an avid poster on the Japanese sumo mailing list so we
> are really fortunate that he can be with us here as
> well.
> I agree having Kazuhisa san, Shiroikuma, Abe san,
> Doreen, Katrina and others around to share their deep
> sumo knowledge is what makes this ML well worthwhile
> and irreplaceble, a time well spent.
> But OTOH, what makes me coming back to this ML is a
> legion of sumo fans all over the world sharing their
> love of sumo.  We may not all have the historical
> knowledge but our love of the sport is no less.  We
> can all share our love and join in regardless of how
> much or little we know about sumo.

I agree with everything he said above, but I think Joe deserves some
praise as well.  His sumo news updates are also invaluable to everyone
who tunes into this list.

Am I right, folks?