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RE: 2001 Sumo Yearbook

At 02:52 AM 2/6/01 +0900, Joshua A. Reyer wrote:
>Okay, okay, now that I've ranted for a bit, I should say some good things
>about the Kyokai's attempts to revive sumo's popularity.  I have found a
>great book on sumo, the 2001 Sumo Yearbook (Ozumo 2001 Nenkan).  It's full
>color, and has in-depth entries on every rikishi who was in makuuchi in
 Finally, in the back, there are in-depth summaries of the 2000
>bashos, and all sorts of neat tables and info.  All this for 1600 yen (about
>16 USD).  I highly recommend it!

OOOH!!! This sounds fantastic! Are the tables, charts etc easily
understandable by those of us without any Japanese reading ability? It
sounds like something I'd love to get a hold of, but only if I can get more
out of it than the pictures.
 - Oshirokita, from the Great White North