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Re: Foreign deshi, Hawaii, Europe

Mike Donnelly Jr wrote:
> ShiroiKuma wrote:
> > Coupled with the unpleasant recent foreign departure from the Kyokai, that
> Wait a second.  The 'unpleasant' recent foreign departure?  I think Akebono's departure was as 
> dignified a departure as you can get from a Yokozuna.  If I was looking to increase the interest for 
> Sumo, I'd want something that stirs up the interest.  It cannot be considered radical that there is 
> foreign born Yokozuna, as we have already had two.  It appears that both will be becoming to their 
> station.

You are missing the point. Akebono didn't depart from the Kyokai so far. On the contrary,
he is staying there as Akebono oyakata and he didn't tell anything about leaving the Kyokai,
while this certainly might be a possibility for him in the future.

Of course the Kyokai is eager to hold popular rikishi in the Kyokai as oyakata (like Chiyonofuji),
to further stimulate interest in Sumo. This is the reason why departures from such rikishi are
very unpleasant for the Kyokai, like the departure of Wakanohana (Fujishima oyakata).

To answer your question, the foreign rikishi ShiroiKuma was speaking about, must be Konishiki.
He was very popular and departed from the Kyokai. The concern, which ShiroiKuma was addressing, 
is the fear that successful foreign rikishi are more likely to leave the Kyokai than Japanese.
Certainly there is a grain of truth to it, I can't imagine Musashimaru as oyakata (contrary to
Akebono). But as Wakanohana (or Mainoumi) demonstrate, popular Japanese rikishi switch sides
with the TV media too if it there more prospective gains in for them.