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Re: Takanohana Gains More Weight

Ugh !  I thought Taka looked really fat this basho.  What do you think his
ideal weight should be ?  A while back he was topping out at around 145kg.
Maybe he should be trying to lose weight not gain it.  I also thought
Musashimaru looked overweight, but at least in his case he has a stronger
lower body so he shouldn't experience the same knee problems that forced
Akebono to retire.


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Subject: Takanohana Gains More Weight

According to a regular physical check-up clinic for
rikishis, held at the Kokugikan on February 3
yokozuna Takanohana gained another 2 kg and now weighs
161 kg.   He was 160 kg at the Hatsu Basho in 1999 but
now is the heaviest he's ever been.

Generally rikishis lose about 5 kg during a basho but
gaining back that weight in two weeks after a basho
finishes, Takanohana is showing his internal organs
are once again in good shape.

Unlike the 1999 season, Takanohana gained more muscle
mass and he even indicated during the Basho he'd like
to gain even "more mass" after the basho ended.

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