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RE: Video of January Basho?

I'll vouch for Sokitumi's Basho on a disk. I've purchased all three he has
to offer, and have been extremely pleased. I look forward to the next
basho's release, as the disks seem to get better and better.  In the sumo
starved New England area, it is the best (and cheapest) way to see a basho.

 The videos (wonderfully captured by Dale Carson) cover all 15 days of the
basho (at least the matches NHK chooses to air).  Larry ties all the videos
(which are in Real Player format), though easy to access web pages, which
also have links to Ken Coller's daily Sumo Now reports and Kintaro's musings
(when he's not on jungyo...), as well as miscellaneous links to other info.

The Hatsu disk has a "no-spoiler" format, so, if you don't the results, you
won't find out until you want to know.  There are also pages to follow the
yusho and sansho winners basho progress, day-to-day.

Take care,
Jim "Takanorappa" Gillogly
Mansfield, MA USA

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Hi Rocco,

The entire Hatsu 2001 Basho is on a CD-ROM, yours for $12.
Check this webpage for details and to order.

Larry aka Sokitumi

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Subject: Video of January Basho?

Hi All,

Did anyone tape the last basho and would be willing to sell
me a copy?

No TV in my area this time.