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Re: [spoiler]Oldest rikishi

Oldest rikishi in sumo is Wakamatsu beya's Ichinoya right ?


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From: Erland Gelow <e.gelow@telia.com>
To: <sumo@brooks.statgen.ncsu.edu>
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 6:32 PM
Subject: [spoiler]Oldest rikishi

> As no one can possibly have failed to notice, they have been disappearing
one by one from the ranks of Makunouchi. I'm talking about the charismatic
and popular veterans of the last few years such as Tochinowaka, Mitoizumi,
Kotoinazuma and Terao.  One by one have they lost their Makunouchi rank and
thereafter either retired or spent a few basho in Juryo before retiring.
After Terao, born in 1963 disappeared after last basho, I doubt many of you
could name the oldest rikishi in Makunouchi... (answer at the bottom) It
feels the veteran ranks is now in a sort of vacuum following all those
popular rikishi into oyakata-hood, with most current "veterans" such as
Takatoriki and Akinoshima, being substantially younger, around 33. The
reason for this post is the sudden surprise that struck me yesterday,
realising who was the oldest rikishi in Makunouchi... Well, I guess this is
just another part of the transition period in sumo that is now so apparent
and is making the top ranks a bit !
> younger...
> Stefan Gelow
> PS. Oldest rikishi in Makunouchi is Daizen, born Dec 1964 followed by
Akinoshima, born March 1967.