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[Non Sumo] Gambarimasu and Other Over used Japanese Phrases

Now that the basho is over and the list is
sufficiently quiet, it may be an ideal time to unload
this on the list.

I come across certain Japanese phrases again and again
when I translate those "Rikishi Talk" and other
articles from Japanese papers.  Many of you notice
them as rikishis are interviewed and sometimes the
same phrases could get interpreted differently way. 

So here is my list of the often over used phrases by
Japanese speakers that its original meaning is no
longer relevant as people just blurt them out almost
unconsciously - in other words, the phrases you could
use in almost any situation. 

O.K. we have two obvious ones - Gambarimasu and
Sodesune.  The former can be translated as "Will do my
best" and the latter, "That is so" or "Right" or
"Correct" or something similar.  Of course it can be
used to buy some time to express your opinion when it
is said with a "Sooh Desuneh".  Anyway if one is stuck
with a question asking what to do, answering
"Gambarimasu" will suffice most of the time.  If you
are not sure what to answer to a question, saying
"Sodesune" will not get the speaker upset most of the
time.  So in this level, these two phrases are
enormously useful.

Now the next, "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu".  
Pete on this list uses "Yoroshiku" as more or less
"Regards" to close his posts - which is a correct use.
But when people say this phrase indiscrimanately when
for instance they meet another person and somehow they
have to "do things together".  It more or less means
to take care of me when something happens. It's like 
there is no harm in saying "Be nice to me".

"Otsukaresama" used for example when you are on a bus
tour or something and you've done your day and finally
you are back in your hotel, you will be definitely
greeted by the tour guide with this phrase.  O.K.
you've been sitting on the bus the whole day, we know
you are totall pooped, so here it is, "Otsukaresama
deshita".  So you can use this one whenever someone
comes back from somewhere like a rush-hour train ride
from Ryogoku.

"Osewa ni narimashita" - O.K. here's another one you
can use when you have to thank whomever took care of
you.  It's certainly a nice phrase to reward the
person being nice to you. Or you can use it in place 
of "Yoroshiku Onegaishimaus" by saying "Osewani

"Shitsurei shimasu" - well literally this one means
"Excuse me" but this one is really great to close your
phone call whenever you just want to hang up in
earnest. So use it whenever you want to take a leave,
be it a phone call or another boring meeting.         

Shitsurei Shimashita !

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